Ghana Caribbean Association

One Big Family,
Celebrating Lives

We facilitate the integration of people from the Caribbean into Ghanaian society through social networking at meetings, mutual celebrations of life events, excursions picnics and cultural events.

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        President of GCA

Neville Buchanan

President's Message

The Ghana Caribbean Association has been operating for over fifty years. We must give credit to all those who started the Association and those who have worked unconditionally for its continuation over the last fifty-five years.

We remember Dr Neville Dawes our first president way back in 1964 and all our other founding fathers and mothers. It is obvious that the original members of the Association saw the need for “Unity in Diversity” and as a Pan-African inspired organization this surely must remain in our vision.

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Brief History

Ghana Caribbean Association

The history of the Caribbean factor in Ghana is one that goes back to mid-19th century, over 160 years. It is rich, colourful and indeed it is even possible to argue that from the diaspora, the Caribbean provided the most influences and contributions to Ghana. The Caribbean factor is present to some extent in all spheres of Ghanaian life.

Caribbean involvement in Ghana began in 1843 with the arrival of black missionaries from Jamaica and Antigua under the auspices of the Basel missionary society.

Our Mission

01 to foster, preserve and expand cultural and social links between Ghanaians and the people of the Caribbean area

02 to encourage the interchange between cultural and educational institutions in the two areas

03 to create pen-pal correspondence and exchange of ideas

04 to donate to charities, disaster funds and cases of personal distress

05 to assist in providing hospitality for visitors to the Caribbean and from the Caribbean to Ghana

Board of Directors

The Ghana Caribbean Association is under the leadership of competent persons whose credentials speak for themselves

Members of Committees

Below are members of the Events, Communications and Social Welfare Committees

What You Get As A Member

As a member, you have access to


Hear From Members of The Association

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Adopt and Accept Unity In Diversity – Wudasi Mariam

The GCA has been a part of my life for almost three decades. I was first introduced to the association in 1992, by the late Mrs Louise Opoku. I met Mrs Opoku at her home in McCarthy Hill and she brought me to a GCA meeting in Labone. I was so impressed with the friendly family atmosphere that I signed up to be a member immediately. The family atmosphere of the GCA has remained since my very first experience. It has seen some changes, members come and members go but the ethos of a friendly family gathering remains the same. I am extremely grateful to the GCA for helping me to make the Continental shift easier and enjoyable. I miss my family dearly, but I can honestly say that being a member of the GCA I have gained some family here in Ghana. Meeting the elders at monthly meetings, I must say are my most delightful and satisfying experiences – the cliches, the banter, the Caribbean phrases, the humour, the food, the encouragements are next to none. I have no reservations in recommending being a member of the GCA to those who have returned home and those who are contemplating coming home.

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There is a time when Ghana gets into you – Diane Reynolds

I first visited Ghana in November 2011 as part of an organised tour. The tour took us around Ghana – to the Art Market, La Badi Beach, Kumasi and Cape Coast. Little did I know, was that I caught someone’s eye. I had seen this gentleman as he was an associate of the trip organiser. I knew he was the one for me. He proposed to me and I accepted. Here I was married, but had to return to London.

In August 2013, I finally got to live and work full time in Ghana and did so up until 2017. I was offered a job in another country, where I am now. I miss Ghana, I miss living there with my husband and most of all I miss seeing my wonderful friends who I have met through the Ghana Caribbean Association. I love how even though I am thousands of miles away, I still have wonderful memories that I have made and shared with people reading this article. I would say to those who are in two minds about Ghana, go and see, the welcome you get, will leave you longing to return.


Diasporan Feeling – Dr Carol-Ann Senah

In the year of return I find myself thinking about what makes me a Diasporan or I should more accurately say an African Diasporan. The distinction is necessary since there are various peoples referred to as Diasporans, such as the Jewish people. In Ghana today we hear of Ghanaian Diasporans who were born of Ghanaian parents in other countries around the world. But what do I wish to define me as a Diasporan? Most significantly, the feeling that the African Continent is my homeland, I have always been here even if not physically, I celebrate the uniqueness of my homeland and my heritage.



The Association works to highlight past, present and future contributions of Diasporas to the social, cultural and economic development of Ghana and by extension to Africa as a whole.

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Upcoming Events

The GCA has scheduled a number of events for the year as a means to bring the caribbean people together



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