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About GCA

When It Started

The Ghana Caribbean Association was founded in 1964.


GCA’s primary goal is to facilitate the integration of people from the Caribbean into Ghanaian society through social networking at meetings, mutual celebrations of life events, excursions picnics and cultural events.

Aims & Objectives

Cultural & Social

To foster, preserve and expand cultural and social links between Ghanaians and the people of the Caribbean area;

Education & Culture

To encourage the interchange between cultural and educational institutions

Information Sharing

To create pen-pal correspondence and exchange of ideas

Charity & Philantropy

To donate to charities, disaster funds and cases of personal distress


To assist in providing hospitality for visitors to the Caribbean and from the Caribbean to Ghana

Membership Eligibility

  • (a) All persons from the Caribbean resident in Ghana;
  • (b) All Ghanaians with recognized ties to the Caribbean;
  • (c) All persons with demonstrated interests in the Caribbean area and its peoples; sponsored by at least one fully paid-up member of the Association as specified under (a);
  • (d) Any other person recommended by the Executive Committee and endorsed by the Association.

Celebration of Emancipation

In collaboration with Ghanaian counterparts the Association builds on its common experience of the Abolition of the Slave Trade through participation in national events Including erection of a monument at Bono Manso in the Brong Ahafo region.

Charitable Contributions

To needy groups in Ghana and the Caribbean through fund-raising events.


The Association meets on the first Saturday of every month at The George Padmore Research Library. Members are encouraged to bring along refreshments to share amongst the group.