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President's Message

The Ghana Caribbean Association has been operating for over fifty years. We must give credit to all those who started the Association and those who have worked unconditionally for its continuation over the last fifty-five years.

We remember Dr Neville Dawes our first president way back in 1964 and all our other founding fathers and mothers. It is obvious that the original members of the Association saw the need for “Unity in Diversity” and as a Pan-African inspired organization this surely must remain in our vision.

After the strict COVID-19 protocols of 2020, the year 2021 was a little more relaxed. This allowed the GCA to be more active.
The year started on a very positive note. Our New Year’s party was on 2nd January 2021. It was held at the Gold Coast Restaurant in Accra. It was well attended. We raised GHS 1,300 towards a suggested Building Fund.
On the 6th of February 2021 the GCA held its Annual General Meeting (AGM) at the George Padmore Research Library in Accra. This was our first AGM that was accessible online. Since 2020 online access to our monthly meeting has become the norm. The George Padmore Library has now become the permanent venue for all our monthly meetings.
At the AGM all the executives were re-elected except the Vice-President Trevor Watson who Resigned. So, we had Neville Buchanan (President), Patrick Selikem (Secretary) and Mrs Jacqueline Samms – Borteye (Treasurer). Karl Williams was elected as Vice-President but had to travel abroad so he did not take his post.
Members of the Communications Team, Events Team & Social Welfare Teams were elected. In the coming year these teams will need to be revamped and reenergised
It was decided to invest GHS 10,000 in T-Bills with NIB.
One of the suggestions from the AGM was to increase GCA’s membership by increasing our social media presence and upgrade our website. A GCA Instagram Page and YouTube Channel was established. The website upgrade was achieved. The GCA Facebook & Instagram pages have generated a lot of interest in the Association. It has brought us several new members. We need to make more use of the website; it was an expensive investment, so we need to more with it.
February also saw the publication of an updated edition Of the GCA Skill & Resource Directory. This directory contains important number such as the numbers for Hospitals, Clinics, police, fire services, immigration etc. It also has the numbers for the tradesman, such as Electricians, Plumbers, Masons etc. These are all tradesmen who have been recommended by GCA members. GCA members can also advertise they goods and services in the directory.
In March some members expressed their concern about the security of the WhatsApp Application. They were suggesting that the GCA should migrate their messaging platforms from WhatsApp to Telegram. After weeks of debate and investigations on the 2nd of April there was a vote to decide whether to change our messaging platform from WhatsApp to Telegram. There was a majority decision to continue using WhatsApp.
It was also decided that on the 17th of April all GCA WhatsApp Platforms should became accessible to members only. There was a long campaign to persuade GCA friend & sympathisers on the chatters platform to become full members of the GCA.
The GCA held a very successful beach party in Kokrobitey on 17th April. This was the events team’s major first venture.

The GCA Started a fundraising campaign in support of St Vincent & The Grenadines. We raised GHS 1,855.50. The money will be sent via The Republic Bank Volcano Appeal.
The GCA newsletter was published 20th May 2021.
On 7th June 2021 GCA started the Marketplace Platform for its members to buy and sell their products and services. This platform is doing well. We will see how it develops.
On 25th June the Jamaican high Commissioner for Ghana Mr Esmond St Clair Reid visited Ghana and held a Town Hall Meeting to introduce the newly appointed Honorary Consul of Jamaica to Ghana Mr Isaac Emmil Osei- Bonsu. The Jamaican Consulate is in Okosumbo House, Labone Accra. It was officially opened on 5th July 2021.
2nd July 2021 Maise Howell Passed away. She was a former President of the Ghana Caribbean Association. She was buried on 20th August 2021.
Sunday 18th July GCA/ MMGF hosted the first family day/ Dominoes Tournament at Candy’s Bar in Osheyie, Kokrobitey Road. The event is held every third Sunday of the month. The venue is now The MMGF Offices in Kokrobitey.
The GCA was invited to partner JamRock Restaurant in its sixth Jamaican Independence Reggae & jerk festival from 6th – 8th August. The event was very successful. We would like to thank Elizabeth and all the JamRock management & staff for their support of the GCA.
On 7th September we witnessed the first CARICOM AFRICA Summit of heads of state. With Mia Motley of Barbados leading the way for the Caribbean and Uhuru Kenyetta of Kenya leading the way for Africa. It was a very positive conference. We hope to see some positive action soon.
In October 2021 There were proposals to reform the GCA Bereavement Fund with The Bereavement and Emergency Sickness Fund, In the light of recent events it was thought that GCA should provide some financial support to its members who are seriously ill. A vote on the proposal took place but the participation levels were low, so we are yet to decide on the way forward
On 3RD November 2021 THE GCA Donated medical equipment to the female ward of the MAAMOBI GENERAL HOSPITAL. This was at the request of one of our members who was treated there.
In the coming year we will be seeking to develop our relationship with the George Padmore Research Library. Resolve issues relating to the GCA Bereavement & Sickness Emergency Fund. Establish better links with Caribbean Governments and institutions, encourage more input from the youth and strengthen our links with the Tema Group. We are confident that all these efforts will grow the profile, visibility, and the effectiveness of the Ghana Caribbean Association.
Finally, let me express my excitement at the resurgence of Caribbean interest in Africa. I Recently received news that Kenya Airline will soon start direct flights to the Caribbean, namely Barbados. This will open a wide range of Business opportunities for both regions.