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The GCA Event Team will be assisting with their creativity, organizational skills, and vision will assist our organization in amplifying brand visibility, enhancing members relations, and improve our organization’s growth through events that effectively communicate business strategy and brand personality.


  • Plan event from start to finish according to requirements, target audience and objectives.
  • Tasked with researching and securing venues, planning and managing our events’ calendar, negotiating quotes and agreements with vendors,
  • Come up with suggestions to enhance the event’s success.
  • Prepare and manage budgets and ensure adherence, invoicing, event marketing, monitoring timeframes and budgets, networking, and delivering on event brief objectives.
  • Prepare and design event flyers and brochures.
  • Negotiating sponsorships, donors etc
  • Source advertisements for events brochure
  • Source and negotiate with vendors and suppliers.
  • Be in charge of hiring personnel (DJs, caterers, decorators etc.)
  • Lead promotional activities for the event.
  • Approve all aspects before the day of the event.
  • Ensure event is completed smoothly and step up to resolve any problems that might occur.
  • Obtaining permits if required
  • Analyse the event’s success and prepare reports.


Executive Members

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Angie Robinson