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Bereavement Fund

Bereavement Fund
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What Is Bereavement Support Fund

Bereavement Support Fund is a benefit paid to widows, widowers, surviving civil partners, or responsible person of the bereaved.  The GCA’s Bereavement Support Fund will give financial help and peace of mind in the event of a member’s death.  For administration purposes, the GCA must be notified of the bereaved within three months.

Only subscribers of the GCA Bereavement Support Funds will receive payment.


Access to GCA Bereavement Support Funds is open to paid up members of the Ghana Caribbean Association.   GCA members whose spouses and family are eligible to access this facility at a premium cost per year.


 GCA members will pay 10 Ghc per month or 120Ghc per annum.

Non-GCA member will pay 20 Ghc per month or 240 Ghc per annum

Bereavement Benefits

 Members of the Bereavement Support Fund will get up to a maximum of 1,500 Ghc. The amount paid to members will increase as the Fund increases.  (Please note that payouts are subject to the availability of funds).

How To Claim

In the event of the decease of a member the widow, widowers surviving civil partner, or responsible person MUST contact the Secretary or the Bereavement Administrator of the Ghana Caribbean Association immediately.  A Claim Form must be completed together with the necessary documents to support your claim within three months of the decease.

NB: Kindly log in and visit the member section to download forms.

Supporting documents are –  Death certificate and Members Bereavement Support Funds Agreement Policy.